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Consulting, communication, campaign design, UX design

The world of work is changing. Digital trans­for­mation, New Work and the cultural trans­formation that these things bring are challenges which are perma­nently changing com­panies like Robert Bosch GmbH. And we are accom­panying them on the journey as creative initiators and consul­tants in communication, digital media and innovatio

01 People at the centre

We illuminate processes from the point of view of designers and problem solvers. We use campaign concepts, communicative activities and methodical storytelling to help the Group’s internal partners to communicate cul­tural change and place people at the centre of it. Change doesn’t come from above: change starts with every single member of the workforce.

02 The result

These campaign projects are being developed and are subject to confidentiality agreements. For this reason we cannot yet publish the results, or may not be able to at all.

Picture credit: Robert Bosch GmbH