Mercedes pay
Fintech Service Design



2017 - 19


UX Design, Web Design, App Design, Service Design, Invention Design

Mercedes pay is the new player among online payment pro­viders and an important com­po­nent of Daimler AG’s mobility services. Aside from service design, a special challenge was to set it apart from its FinTech rivals. The biggest communicative challenge in this project was to speak to existing customers as well as young users without any prior link to the Mercedes brand.

Mercedes pay


Based on the require­ments of a complete payment service without access obstacles, we developed a platform independent system with a far-reaching communication concept. Together with our client Plan.Net Pulse GmbH, we ful­filled the require­ments in an agile develop­ment process. At its heart is clear communication with a parti­cular focus on future mobility customers.

Mercedes pay


An online payment service for anyone with a Mercedes parked on their drive? Far from it! Mercedes pay is positioning itself as a payment service provider of the future, accessible to anyone who wants to be part of the mobility revolution. Working closely with Plan.Net Pulse, we developed an Android and iOS app, a responsible Web application, special communicative activities and a marketing website

Stay tuned! Release is imminent.

Picture credit:
Daimler Financial Services AG